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Ktube Features

Responsive Design

Ktube Media Downloader is written taking a beautiful and responsive User Interface design in mind, Application main contain 3 columns for different tasks, when you try to re-size the main window each of the column is able to calculate whither it need to be shown or need to get hide to focus on main content.

Single Click Download

With taking simplicity as a key feature in mind, i always tried to do stuffs simpler way, if you want download youtube video app provide you a very neat and clean interface with one click on download button to add video to download list, and Ktube will download the best quality of media available on website.

Support Various Sites

Though Ktube Media Downloader provide a unique interface to download and browser Youtube videos, You can also download media from other sites with one click add download button, Ktube will add the media to download list like it does for Youtube, this feature is also designed to keep the GUI look good.

Download Diff Formats

Ktube Media Downloader not just provide option to download the best quality media download but also support downloading media files in different custom formats, like if you want download a Youtube video as audio with custom formats , You can also download videos in different formats and resolutions.

Live Tv Option

You can Play your favourite live Youtube Channel right in the application with one click, you also can save them to list.

Packed with Features

You can search ,apply various search filters, select your current location, language etc to browser Youtube.

Updated Regularly

The inbuilt download engine gets regular updates and support for new websites, User can update it with one click.

Help & Support

App has inbuilt features with which you can anytime talk to me, if you find any problem just click Contact option.

Download Ktube Media Downloader 1.0

responsive screens
Ktube can run on any debian based System which ships Qt 5.5.1 or Qt > 5.5.1 libraries.
so, If your debian based distribution ships Qt 5.5.1, you just need to download the .deb package below.

If your distribution do not shipping Qt 5.5.1 or Qt > 5.5.1 Libraries then you can download the AppImage File from link below, after downloading you just need to mark it executable either from your File-manager going to file properties and clicking execute file as program, or you can do this using command line - Just open up your terminal window and go to the download directory, and give the chmod command with a+x arguments like this- chmod a+x packagename.AppImage after this Double click on file and you will able to run Ktube Media Downloader.

To Install Appimage to Your System permanently you have to run app and click on Install Button that is shown in the first dialog you get when you start Ktube and now you can delete the downloaded AppImage file, you will be able to Run Ktube Like you have installed it for real.

If your distribution do not shipping Qt 5.5.1 or Qt > 5.5.1 Libraries then you can download the SNAP Package from link below.

You can use Ubuntu Software Center to Install snap package directly without downloading from here manually. If you downloading from here or the .snap file from then use the following command to install it -

sudo snap install --force-dangerous filename.snap --classic

responsive screens

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Keshav Bhatt - Designer & Software Developer

Graphic Design 80%

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Ktube Media Downloader is a Successor of My previous media downloader called Ultimate-Media-Downloader. With the hole re-write of code base and features and design. Ultimate Media Downloader is can be installed from Ubuntu Software Center Application Unlock fee is approx 3 USD.

Ktube Media Downloader is a freeware as it gives you ability to download two Urls daily and allow access to all other application features, in Order to break this limit you have to unlock the full version of application, To Unlock full version there is a In-App payment Method available with which you can securely pay application charge.

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